Music consumption is the number one daily use cases on every smart speaker. Over the past years Sony Music Germany has seen a decline of physical sales and a rise of streaming consumption (mainly on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, …). At the moment we are at the cross roads where music consumption at home is moving away from traditional radio sets (FM & DAB) and smartphones toward smart speakers.


Senior Product Manager and A&R Classical Sven Schuhmanns vision for “Klassik Entdecken” is “present the most famous pieces of traditional music, movie themes and neo classic in a way that every user can discover interesting and new music. But even the skill itself with its stories should entertain and offer value to the user.”


How can we rethink music consumption in a voice first era where we can not navigate through lists of tracks, artists or recommendations. Where we do not have fancy artwork anymore? Where people cant remember the names of tracks or artists?


To overcome the navigation and discovery problems on smart speakers we need to rely strongly on recommendations instead of explicit user interactions like search and browse. As an assistant to the user we need to make smart choices for the user and present them with a smart pre-selection. This selection should be on one hand in the known space of the user on the other hand sometimes surprise the user and offer something yet unknown. To add value that can not be delivered by pre installed streaming services we can add branding like a custom voice or background information on the content.

The “Klassik Entdecken” Alexa Skill offers a daily anecdote or lesser known fact presented by a host or a guest host on a classical piece that has been pre-recorded in the studio. This voice branding is the transformation of cover art into the smart speaker era.

“Together with 169Labs our focus was to design an interaction between Alexa and the host that is humorous and entertaining itself and is an added value to the user.” Nina Neuf-Kilian, Senior Manager Business & Partner Development und Digital Business Development bei Sony Music

After listening to the fact the user is offered by this music concierge to start the playback of the bespoken artist or track.

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