How to extend your steaming audience to voice

Today is the launch of the latest Amazon Originals series “Bibi & Tina” on Prime Video exclusive. Many kids aged 5–12 (and their parents) have been looking forward to this release of one of the most favourite german audio drama protagonists (running since 1991). The series was filmed last year round Berlin. The plot is a classic kids plot where a group of youngsters experience adventures during a horse riding camp. Some love, some drama, some magic… It’s all there!

The great news: on the first airing weekend (April 3rd — 5th) its all free and included in your regular Amazon Account (no Prime subscription needed)!

So how can an Alexa Skill contribute to the release and airing of the series?

The short coming of a 10×24 minutes series is the lack of interactivity. You have to follow the editors plot without choice.

You watch it, you get carried away with the plot, feel the drama and then you are released again into reality. The most important elements are immersion, surprise, emotion, …

These principles can be applied to Alexa skills as well. The difference is that you can give the user choice what happens next. In the “Bibi & Tina” skill the user will start his own adventure at the horse riding camp. Over the course of the series release weekend he has to complete one challenge a day. For example help with mucking out the stables. For every completed challenge the user unlocks a new mini game.

To offer a immersive experience Alexas voice has been completely substituted with a custom voice. The original movie actors were invited to a recording session at the studio and recorded Alexas voice parts. Now you will be welcomed by the original actors voice when you open the skill.

For KIDDINX Media, the character rights owner this has been a first move into interactive stories:

We are excited to see our popular characters move in the voice enabled Martinshof. Our fans of the Amazon Original series “Bibi & Tina” can now have a deep dive into the world of Bibi and Tina with daily new interactive stories and daily challenges. With the support of 169Labs we could multiply our experience in audio story telling and unlock a new channel to our fans. (Anja Wienbeck, KIDDINX Media)

Alexa Skill Store: “Meine Ferien auf dem Martinshof”

Amazon Original Series “Meine Ferien auf dem Martinshof”


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