Time out instead of burn out: The 8 week relaxation program, based on Jacobsen’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation, is designed to help customers to have a relaxed start into the day and to take breaks to find the inner calm: Via the new Gesundarium Skill for Amazon Alexa or as a web based version (Click here to activate the skill. It is only available in German).

The special feature of the skill is that in addition to the free trial version there is premium content which can be unlocked. The monetization of voice skills is currently an often discussed topic – this skill is the first German-speaking one to implement this concept.

To unlock the full version and gain access to the premium content, the user purchases a six-digit license key here. Then the user starts the Gesundarium Skill with “Alexa, starte Gesundarium” and says “Vollversion freischalten”. The code is then entered by voice.

About PMR

The approach of PMR (progessive muscle relaxation) is based on the interaction between psychological and muscular tension states. The method was developed by the physiologist Edmund Jacobson. He realized in his studies that by changing between muscular tension and relaxation, the muscle tension can be lowered considerably below the normal level and that with the reduction of muscle tension the feeling of deep relaxation can be experienced. The prerequisite is that the practitioner learns to differentiate between the two states. However, it is not only the muscular doing that counts, but the mindfulness with which we direct our consciousness to this process.



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