As announced in our interview with VUX World last week we gave away two free tickets to the All About Voice Conference 2018 in Munich. For a chance to win, participants had to send a tweet using #AllAboutVoice and answer the question: Why is 2018 all about voice? We got some amazing responses, for example “2018 is #AllAboutVoice because we’ve finally woken up to the idea that humans have *always* been #AllAboutVoice…Spoken language is in our genes, it’s the unifying tool used to learn, teach, build, love, unite, empower, create” by @BrieLinguist or “2018 is all about voice because we’re dedicating attention and resources to our most intimate, natural form of communication to help us get things done just as well as, if not better than, typing on your phone” by @atdianalee.

With the help of Alexa, we hosted a live ticket draw yesterday. After the obligatory drum roll (we implemented the free sounds now available in the Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library) Alexa announced the winners: We are excited to welcome Diana @atdianalee and Frank @Fradice in Munich in October – congratulations!

Watch the video here (the broadcast will start at 8 minutes):



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