Besides the detailed planning and the project setup we are trying to early on win test persons from the target group of „silver agers“. For this purpose we have created a small landing page and published the same on The landing page briefly explains the service and invites prospects to sign up for a trial via registration form.

In addition we had an advertisement printed in a local magazine to reach our target group in the traditional way. Online advertisements followed soon after since we too know that the quota of grandmas and grandpas surfing the internet has drastically increased over the last years. The website should help us showcase our product to representatives of the industry and give them a first impression of its potential.

We are currently working on the MVP definition, the project setup and a first draft of the voice user interface. In addition, we have contacted several care services and companies who are entrusted with the long-term care and support for older people. We would like to gain a better understanding of our target group and use statistical accounts as basis for our economic consideration of our idea. We are sure that the idea will survive the MVP state.

The “skill to be” thrives…



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