On October 12th we will host Germany’s first conference on voice assistants and voice technology – the All About Voice Conference – at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich.

The conference will serve as an exchange platform for companies to familiarize themselves with the topic of voice technology and establish contacts with experts. The conference is of interest to all businesses seeking a better understanding of voice assistants and voice technology, as well as new ideas for their own voice strategy.

In the context of the digital revolution, voice technology can be seen as the next disruptive step: after the graphical user interface, the computer mouse and the touch screen, language as a control tool for devices is designed to make their use even easier and more intuitive. While in the past, it has always been the users who had to learn the “language” of computers, computers now use speech recognition and artificial intelligence to learn the language of humans. Digital assistants open a new channel of interaction with users and customers in more areas of life. In addition to a smart speaker, which is located in the kitchen or in the living room, other hardware categories, such as the car, are also interesting. In the B2B area, digital assistants can be used to save valuable time in order activities, data entry or search queries.

The aim of the conference is to provide a general understanding of voice technology, to give ideas and ideas for possible use cases and to show how products and brands can be distributed via this new interaction path. To this end, experts from all over Europe will share their expertise and provide exciting insights into their work. Among other things, the conference addresses the following questions: How can the future of voice technology be designed and why should companies use this technology? How should a voice department be set up? Which psychological aspects are behind the technology? How does Deutsche Bahn use Alexa? Why is gaming and voice technology a perfect combination? What legal implications must be considered when entering the voice ecosystem?

Tickets are available on the official event homepage Here you can find further information on the agenda, our speakers and directions. We would be thrilled to welome you at the conference.




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