Smart Speakers are the latest and fast-growing trend in German living rooms. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are the fastest-growing voice assistants and seem to pull past Siri in the fast lane. The smart assistants have also opened up a new platform for companies so that they can reach their customers and users via the “Voice” channel in the future. Digital strategies of companies will make voice assistants indispensable.

The trend is parallel to a new industry with new job profiles. Big players are hiring people to focus on voice strategy, voice identity, and application development for voice assistants. Voice Assistant Day is the perfect start for marketers, designers, project managers and developers alike. The aim of the one-day seminar is to impart the fundamentals of the conception of voice assistant applications by means of practical examples, while simultaneously immersing yourself in the process and experimenting with it.

Quick Wins:

– Market overview of smart speakers and voice assistants
– Introduction to digital asisstants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
– Design principles for voice user interfaces
– Iteration steps for the implementation of voice assistant applications
– Networking: Gain and extend industry and expert contacts




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