The Audio Hack Days are a new event of the MedienNetzwerk Bayern in Munich. From September 13th to 15th, the hackathon brings together a wide variety of industries to react to the new “listening”. Voice assistants, voice control, streaming, podcasting, personalized radio, mobile anytime and anywhere… all these factors have fundamentally changed the habits of audio consumers. Each of us feels the changes at any time of the day or night. Questions for content providers are changing as a result. Listeners become users and vice versa. Both classic audio providers and radio stations are clearly feeling the effects.

Listening is the new watching – audio is booming

While until a few years ago radio stations alone were able to compete in the audio market, new players who have established themselves in the market within a very short time have developed enormous market power. Publishers, advertisers and brands are also increasingly relying on audio. This is where two worlds collide, but they have to contend with the same problems. Who reacts best to changed forms of mobility and new possibilities in automobiles? Who will manage to conquer the podcast world – with which means and methods? Who will take the market for voice assistants?

In order to be able to solve the questions and problems of the audio world, it is necessary to tackle them together. When worlds collide, something new emerges. New thinking, innovative implementation. That’s the goal of the first Audio Hack Days. The winners of the hackathon will have the exclusive opportunity to present their project in the conference brochure of the Medientage München.




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