Our Advanced Alexa Skills Development Workshop teaches participants in depth about the development of an Alexa Skill. It is equally revelant for concept designers, prospective VUI designers as well as developers who want to further their knowledge of Alexa skill development.

The workshop introduces the participants to the methodology of systematic idea generation and conception. The design of the voice user interface and the design of the required intents (functions) and slots (variables) are the basis for the implementation.

In the second part of the workshop, the intents and slots will be used to introduce and implement the voice user interface in a format that is understandable for the Alexa Skills Kit. Here we will discuss both the current version of the web-based Alexa Skills Kit Developer Console and the command line variant ASK-CLI.

In the third part of the workshop we will show how a skill can be implemented with any programming language – in this case PHP – on your own server, and which additional hurdles have to be mastered. In addition, a PHP framework is presented, which reduces the effort for this boilerplate code.

Finally, we will introduce the most important skill development tasks: Unit and integration testing, quality assurance and testing on an Alexa device, as well as useful tipps how to get the skill certified by Amazon.




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