Amazon Alexa rewarded us again. We call it fame by accident. Others would say: “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” – we received another Email from Amazon this month which notified us of the payment for our Animal Sounds skill.

It was worth it. A few weeks ago we decided to give our skill an overhaul and publish our top 10 animal sounds individually. Not just to receive a pair of socks and a dot, but also to improve the searchability of the individual sounds. It worked! In addition, we localized our main skill for US/UK and were promptly accepted into to reward system.

In total the sum of all payments as of today amounts to 5.539,49 EUR (August – November, only animal sound skills). For the past month (we are assuming from 15.10.17 to 15.11.17) we received the equivalent of 3.200 EUR (for simplicity the English Pound was converted with a factor of 1:1)

Unexpectedly our cart horse sounds were responsible for the biggest portion of the revenue. Now the interesting part: In comparison horse sounds did not have more interaction than fo example the monkey sounds skill. The unique users and sessions (how many times the skill had been used) for the time from mid-October to mid-November are divided between the categories as follows:

Interestingly, in comparison the dog bark skill received the following scores for the same time period: 26.900 news users, 12.300 active users and about 70.000 sessions. However, Amazon did not write out a check for the dog bark skill.
We are pleased with the payments for the animal sounds , at the same time we still cannot completely understand how the payment is calculated. If you would like to know more or if you would like to share your opinion, write us an email at or Twitter (@169labs). (@169labs).




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