Amazon Alexa will be represented by Max Amordeluso (EU Lead Evangelist, Alexa Skill Kit) at the All About Voice Conference 2018 in Munich on October 12th.

With Alexa – the cloud-based voice service and brain behind Amazon Echo – users can intuitively control technology with their voice. In addition to the many skills that Alexa already brings, developers can use the Alexa Skills Kit to teach her additional skills. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities not only for users, but above all for developers and companies who want to deliver their products and services to a broader audience through voice control. Meanwhile, there are also several ways to generate revenue from Alexa Skills. At the All About Voice Conference, Max Amordeluso will give exciting insights into the topic of voice and talk about best practices. As lead evangelist for Amazon Alexa in Europe, his main task is to introduce Alexa to European developers and show them how to create the most natural and enjoyable voice-driven interaction possible for their clients.

The adoption rate of voice assistants is growing remarkably fast. Voice Technology is conquering more and more applications (such as online shopping, smart home control, or playing music). This has opened up a promising market in both the home and office space, with new opportunities for businesses to reach and interact with customers.

The aim of the All About Voice Conference is to provide a general understanding of voice technology, to give ideas for possible use cases in your own company and to show how your products and brands can be distributed via this new interaction path. To this end, experts from all over Europe will share share their expertise and provide exciting insights into their work at Germany’s first conference on voice assistants / voice technology.



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